Supercharging in vivo data generation
for preclinical drug development

Unlocking environmental drivers of health and disease

Human biology is heterogenous. Our environment and behavior fundamentally shape the way our bodies maintain homeostasis, fight disease, and respond to treatment. Half of all global deaths are attributable to dietary and non-dietary environmental factors, however traditional therapeutic development paradigms ignore and avoid these environmental drivers of disease. Nuanced Health interrogates the environmental imprint on human biology using next-generation preclinical models that recreate the heterogeneity of human populations.

Building preclinical models that translate to humans

Each of us contain a unique fingerprint of trillions of gut bacteria, shaped by our environment, which strongly modulate our immune, metabolic, neurologic, and other physiological systems. Traditional preclinical drug discovery and development, however, relies on reductionist, singular animal models to represent the vast diversity of human biology. These models share neither the microbes nor the microbial diversity that are central to human health outcomes, leading to poor prediction of therapeutic efficacy and safety in the clinic.

A revolutionary drug development technology

Nuanced Health scalably, systematically humanizes the mouse microbiome, creating a drug discovery and development platform that leverages, rather than ignores, the heterogeneity of real-world populations. This platform recreates the diverse disease progression and drug response phenotypes observed in the clinic and generates equally diverse high-resolution multi-omic datasets at massive scale. Combined with cutting edge bioinformatic and machine learning analysis, these unique data generate actionable insights to enhance the translatability of drug discoveries.

Our mission is to make drug development work for everyone.
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